Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can't A Girl Just Get One Step Ahead?

Can't I just have a normal life for a day? I mean seriously I'd settle or an hour if that would be possible. On the 19th (Monday - when I had my treatment I was feeling pretty good, tired though. So I had my chemo, and got that shot to boost my red blood cell count again - yeh the one that hurts unless they push it in fast enough and not all of them do that. Everything was all hunky - dory. Well, at some point during the afternoon I did something to the mid - left section of my back and as the night went on it got worse and worse. Yesterday I barely got out of bed and it was killing me to even breathe because of the pain. Today was a little better, but not as much mostly kicking me in the - it just . I can drink a few small sips at a time - like 2 - and I haven't even attempted to eat so we are using the feeling tube. I've mainly been sleeping the day away with the drugs. Does anyone have any back /injury fixes?

Okay, so I wrote that over period of a few days and I'm getting a little better I think. I'm drinking more by mouth now and I think that is from the antibiotics because I coughed up some nasty nasty stuff that had been stuck in my throat. We still don't have a date in December for when we are moving back. Things are just always changing out there - so we are still just playing it by ear! Okay, I'm stopping now, before I make even less sense than I have been.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Have You Forgotten About Me Yet?

Long time no post! Well, I guess it's been a week or two, which isn't toooo bad. I finally have some news to post about - see, good things Last week I had the week off from chemo and had my PET/CT scan. It was definitely nice not having to get up early for chemo on Monday. Today we got the scan results and they were definitely positive. The only scans he had readily available to compare them with were the scans from April and I've had several other scans since then during my hospital stays.

So, the scan results:

There were originally two main tumors, one in each lung. The one in the right lung is near the middle of my chest. The tumor in my left lung (where they originally took the biopsy) is near the outside wall of my lung.

According to the scans from last week my tumor in my right lung is not there anymore. The tumor in my left lung is still similar in size (compared to April) but it is responding to the chemo. It's hard to explain. The tumor area is about the same size but the active part of the tumor that is lit up on the PET scan is smaller.
So. My Oncologist thinks it's the Erbitux that is having such a good response so we are continuing with it. I am stopping the Cisplatin and starting Taxol - which means I think I may end up losing my hair again, but I haven't read up enough on Taxol to know for sure.

Well, this is all the updating I'm going to do tonight - I think I've fallen asleep 7 or 8 times while writing this - Warner keeps poking me to wake me up. Goodnight!