Friday, June 26, 2009

And We're Back...

I'm not sure which is worse, being back in the hospital, or getting really good care because we know all the nurses. Stephanie hasn't been feeling as good as she had previously the past couple of days, so her mom called me today after she had thrown up a couple of times. I called the doctor's office and was eventually told to bring her on in. Stephanie's doctor is out of town, but his partner that is on-call determined (rather quickly) that Stephanie was not only dehydrated, but dehydrated enough to put her in the hospital...again. So here we are, Stephanie is getting IV fluids and watching "What Not To Wear" and I'm not doing much at all.

Grace and Peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Latest

I finally weigh 120 pounds and I've also eaten two pieces of toast and a few bites of scrambled eggs (yesterday and today). There's my update for today.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Much of the Same

I'm still alive. I just haven't been up for posting much lately and honestly, not much is going on to post about. I had a series of doctors appointments this week that turned into marathon appointments by the end of them. My appointment with Heels was about 3 hours behind schedule or at least, that's how long it took and about 2 hours and 50 minutes of it was waiting. Usually we try to get the first appointment in the morning because we know that she backs up, but we scheduled this appointment a week in advance so we took what we got. I had my chemo appointments on Thursday and I ended up needed potassium for my blood so what was supposed to be 3 hours turned into 9. Yes, NINE. They have to infuse the potassium slow because of my small veins and potassium is really bad about tearing up veins and it burns as well. So my bag of potassium took about 5 hours to go in. Yeah, I needed a good bit of potassium I guess.

I have next week off from chemo which will be nice, but I do like getting the fluids when I go - they seem to perk me up some. The trips to and from the doctors offices seem to wear me out the most - so I won't be missing that at all. When I go for chemo I get to lay in a bed during treatment because I get benadryl with the Erbitux so it knocks me out and I sleep for a good bit during treatment. I enjoy the special treatment.

I'm still weak but I think I'm getting stronger, at least a little bit. My legs are super skinny and Warner calls them my matchstick legs. I gotta get some meat back on them things! I think I am gaining weight, at least I know I'm not losing it. I can tell I've got a little more fat on my stomach right now and my face is filling out more and more.

We don't have any big plans this weekend. My dad is coming up tomorrow to hang out and Paula mentioned maybe coming up? I just plan on lounging around as usual since I'm in my after days from chemo. Hopefully I'll be okay tomorrow and not too bad on Sunday which is usually one of the worst days as far as nausea goes. I did get an anti-nausea patch for my arm because I've been having a good bit of nausea when I should be feeling good during the week - mostly in the early mornings / almost the middle of the night. So, hopefully the patch will help some with that.

For now I'm going to stop rambling, take a Phenergan and head to bed. Have a good night!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Week

Well, I officially ignored the blog for a week and I still have nothing to say. I have been really tired since being home and pretty much spend a lot of my time sleeping. Mom has been at the house hanging out this past week and she went home tonight for a break and she'll be back on Monday morning to fall back into the routine of giving me meds and such - what a fun life! My dad gets to come by about twice a week as does my brother, to visit, so I get to see them a good bit as well. We got the dogs back today - we had my dad keeping them a little longer until we got adjusted to being back home. So, Charlie brought them up tonight - Warner was really happy to see them, as was I - I just can't get on the floor with them or anything so it isn't as fun! That's it for news around here right now. Everything is still the same as far as I know - but that really isn't much these days! Oh yeah, Hal says to let you all know that she is working on the bracelets and waiting for materials to come in. So, I'll keep you posted on those as I find out more! Oh well, I'm off to bed. Hope you all are having a good weekend and I'll try and update more often on here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sprite and Gingerale

quick update I finally got home last night. i spent something like 15 days total in the hospital with my surgery for my SMA. I have a tube in my intestines, one draining my stomach, and staples up the middle - from the surgery. Hopefully I'll toughen up and get better soon. I'm still hurting a good bit from all the incisions and my home pain med isn't working like it does through an IV at the hospital! So, there's a long needed update I guess. Not too many details though. Anyone want to drop off any pain med gifts (via IV or shot)? I'm also really weak so not much phone talking for me - you won't be able to understand me!

More later - I've had two sprites and two gingerales today....