Monday, September 21, 2009

Somebody Listen To Me!

Story Time!

So, my parents and brother came up to the apartment yesterday to visit for a little while. Well, I was feeling kind of run down all day so I hadn't eaten really at all so I decided to make some cheese toast because it usually goes down well. Well, rewind to Saturday night - per Warner's request - I made an apple cake from a recipe on The Pioneer Woman (it was actually a really good cake). Well, you cook the apples in a skillet and pop it in the oven once you put on the cake mix. The problem is that there is twenty pounds of butter in the recipe and apparently during the entire cooking time, butter had been dripping over the sides of the skillet on to the oven floor - which I noticed when I took the cake out but there wasn't anything I could do at that time while the oven was still hot. Okay, back to Sunday night and my cheese toast. I forgot all about the butter being in the bottom of the oven so I turned the oven on 400 and popped my toast in there (I'm not one to preheat the oven unless I'm baking bread or a cake or something like that). Well, the whole time it was cooking I was thinking it smelled like something was smoking or whatever - it wasn't too strong though so I ignored it. Well, I went to get my bread out and when I opened the door there was a small fire on the bottom of my oven - to which I exclaimed - "There is a fire in the bottom of my oven." AND NOBODY MOVED OR DID ANYTHING. My dad had been standing right next to me and he just walked away and sat on the couch. Then I said, "Umm...Warner there's a fire..." Nothing...then I slightly yelled "Somebody listen to me! The oven is on fire." And then my dad and Warner responded and dad blew out the fire and my mom and brother stared at me like I was crazy. Apparently I didn't have enough of a reaction to the fire for anyone to think anything of it. Maybe I'll just have to be overly-dramatic next time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fatigue At It's Finest

For the past week I have been fighting some extreme fatigue - which can always be quite entertaining since there is no telling what I will say or do - I can' recall any funny stories right now, but I know we've had our share the past few days. On Monday night I was running a high fever (101.8-102.3) so we called MBP because that's what you do at times like that. The on-call doctor wrote me a prescription for some antibiotics - because that is usually the problem, and it was - my tube that is still in my belly was all red a super painful and draining some. So, we got that fixed. On Tuesday I was still feeling pretty blah, just run down and out of it and I threw up once, so I had Warner take me in to MBP for some IV fluids and meds and whatever other magic potions they wanted to throw my way. Well, I didn't get any magic potions, instead I was the proud recipient of two bags of blood. Turns out I was quite anemic. So, I spent my day getting my transfusion. The transfusion did help for a while, I felt really good Tuesday and even on Wednesday. The problem, though, was that I was on the antibiotics and I'm also on blood thinner. Apparently the antibiotics can increase the effects of the blood thinner, and I'm guessing this is why I'm back to feeling run down. I do not have anymore antibiotics to take and I go into the doctor on Monday, so hopefully my body will work on straightening itself back out in the mean time.

Here are a few pictures from the house in Tulsa - we painted the study and the kitchen while we were there over Labor Day.

The wall on the right needs some art work or something to fill the space. We got the plates above the windows from Hobby Lobby and I'm debating about going and buying the larger one but I'm really not sure what to do....

The study

And again

New artwork above the fireplace. One of our Washington pictures.

My stomach with the tubes still in but my bruises from the Lovanox shots were mostly gone at this point.

Oh well, I'm going to head off to bed here soon! Goodnight!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There's a Hole In My Belly Dear Warner, Dear Warner

So, today I got my drainage tube taken out. You would think this would be no big deal because I had my PEG tube taken out last year and it was a piece of cake. Well, except for the whole confusion in the pre-op area and no one being able to find me, and yeah, no big deal. Well, turns out they put in a different type of tube this time - one with a non-deflatable stopper in it. NON-DEFLATABLE. Last time, my PEG tube had a balloon on the end of it and the radiologist just deflated the balloon and slipped the tube out. Then he butterflied the hole with tape and threw some gauze on there and we called it a day. This time, after waiting in the waiting room for an hour and a half (they were super behind) I went back to the room only to find out that the G tube had the mushroom stopper on the end of it and that was going to be pulled through the hole in my belly - I wanted to start crying right at that moment, but I didn't. Then he pulled the tube out and let's just say I screamed some and then my eyes got quite watery. Warner's hand is probably broken in about 20 different places as well. So, he pulled the tube out in two yanks, yeah, not one, but two, and stomach content went everywhere. I soaked through tons of gauze in about two seconds. My tshirt and jeans did a good job of soaking up the stomach stuff as well. I'm still leaking a good bit tonight so I've got a stack of towels and gauze nearby and Dr. Warner is doing a great job by keeping me doped up on some pain meds for now.

My stomach can close up by tomorrow (like it did last time) but there's always a chance that it may take a few days and I'm definitely going to be more sore this time than I was last time, just because of how they pulled the tube. And you know what the worst part is??? I still have my feeding tube in the right side of my stomach so I have to go through all this again eventually. I think I might be waiting a little while though.