Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Huggable Again!

Just a quick update that we are home (we have been for a few days now) and readjusting to non-hospital living. The boys are here with us and Edgar is so happy to see Warner. He goes nuts when Warner gets home from work and Warner just has to look at him and his tail wags. Any time that Warner says "Good Boy" to either dog, Edgar's tail wags uncontrollably. When I say it, I get nothing. This all goes back to when Edgar was a puppy and Ruekie made sure to let him know that I was his and Edgar had to stay away - so he clung to Warner.

So, I no longer have C-Diff, although I'm still dealing with some lingering symptoms, and my white blood cell count is getting higher - it wasn't 100% when I left the hospital but it was definitely higher than it was.

We've had a few visitors the past two days. Dawn brought the kiddos by yesterday for a few hours and we just hung out on my bed and the floor. The dogs definitely enjoyed all the attention from Micah hugging and petting them and Molly and Mason throwing toys for them. Anne and Andy and their two kiddos came by today for a little bit to say hi and to bring us some awesome gifts that I would show you on here but you'd be jealous and we don't want that. Seriously though, they are pretty awesome.

Anne asked me how much I weigh right now and I didn't know at the time so I decided to hop on the scale to see if I gained or lost in the hospital and I'm up to a whopping 125. Yeah, I'm getting there...slowly.

Chemo on Monday!


Brad and Gina Moreman said...

Love y'all!

Cindy McLean said...

I am SO glad to finally see an update! gLAD AT LEAST YOU ARE AT HOME! I know "The boys" love that!!! This week I will be in LR for the school nurse state onvention. Then home a couple more weeks and then the pre school activities begin. Half the summer is over. It has been near 100 every day and no rain since the 4th. Well, take take. Hope your chemo goes well this week. Let us out here in cyberspace hear from you! HUGS to Warner and the boys! HUGS FROM ARKANSAS!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you're back home and doing better and continuing with the treatments! love you guys and am prayin for you all the time (and enlisting my frieds :)

Erica Powell said...

Yeah for gaining weight!

Anonymous said...

praying that chemo goes you both!
YFA Joan

Diane said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm so glad you're home. We just got back from vacation, and I couldn't wait to see how you were doing. Next time I check I hope you're up to 130~!!!

Praying for you dear friend,

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!!! So very happy you are feeling better and you are gaining..........hope all is well with the side effects from chemo this you know we love yall soooooooo much! sksb

Hayley said...

Just wanted to say hi :)