Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

So here's my theory: if you are going to get a fake tree, you have to go all out. So, this year, we bought a red pre - lit ridiculously fake looking tree for Christmas - and decorated it with Razorback ornaments. Here are some more shots: 

Warner kindly reminded me today that it was not December 1 yet and I told him that it did not matter because it was after Thanksgiving and that was all that counts! So, I sat on the couch painting the ornaments this evening and then we decorated! We even have presents under the tree already! Yippee! 

Here's a picture, just because my brother Charlie is awesome! He took pictures of us while we were in Texas and they turned out great! I'm only showing you guys one for now though! I'll show off the rest at Christmas or something.  

Don't we look like Gap models or something? I'm totally working that scarf! Haha. So, if you ever need pictures done or anything like that, I know a guy. This picture was taken out at my grandfather's farm. We took pictures there and at the park in town. 

We decided against camping on the way home because Warner has a cough and we really just wanted to get home (not to mention there were several good football games on tv today). So, we will just have to try out our new tent another day! 

Mom and I went to Walmart yesterday morning and it was crazy! I've never been one for shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We didn't get there to stand in line, but we did go at about 6:30 and they were completely sold out of almost everything we wanted. We heard from people that there was a line throughout the store for electronics so there would have been little hope anyway of us getting what we wanted from there! I did manage to score a few cheap movies and that was really about it. I did go to the outlet mall this evening and man oh man there were a ton of sales. I picked up a few things and I think I am officially done buying smaller clothes (at least for the season). I wanted a pair of brown pants and Banana Republic had 50% off their entire store so I was sucked in! So, moral of the story? Skip Walmart the day after Thanksgiving and go to the outlet mall two days after!


Mom said...

Hi Stephanie

my name is Terri, I am Shaylynn Grants Mom. I was woundering if you think that your mom would be willing to talk with me. I am having a very hard time with all of this that is going on with her. I live in California and she in Kentucky and plan on flying out soon. Shaylynn was very happy to find out that you have family in KY and might be able to meet you some day. Thanks for your time.

Shaylynn's mom

Laura said...

awesome tree! :)

kaylie said...

I love the pic of you and warner. Your hair is waaaay cute! I wanna see more...oh and I like the Razorback tree. Nice touch.

Cindy McLean said...

Did you say a "red"tree? That is awesome!Love the ornaments! It is quite chilly and bridges are slick this am. It snowed all day yesterday but too warm to stick. Have a great day! Hugs from Arkansas!

StacieHope Photography said...

Ya'll are cute! Glad everything is going well. No Lupus for me!! But now Tim has the rash, at least I know it's not a weird flesh eating thing now...